Why we LOVE Kenra!

Sitting down with Kiri and Nicole and talking about what products that we would like to use for our guests as well as retail, my mind went blank. There are literally hundreds of quality salon products out on the market today. But to make an impact on each and every guest, knowing that they are carrying a part of The Daily Details brand with them as they walk out the door.. Woah! I know that whenever I’ve had a hair service, there are certain particulars that I notice with which products were applied. (Can we talk about scent, please?)

Back to the original question- why do we love Kenra? Easy. Kenra Professional is positioned with four unique lines, each with their own distinct personality, but designed to work together. Their trusted, high-quality products are simple, straightforward and easy to use. Then there is Kenra Platinum. Inspired by the latest trends and technology, it is an affordable luxury line that meets the needs and demands of those with a discerning taste for performance and style. Not to mention, The Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry collection launched in 2010 and created a new category for the industry. (Perhaps the main reason why we love Kenra!)

And this brings me to our favorite Kenra products here at The Daily Details. Kenra provides so many amazing options- I have to share a few of our “Must-Haves” (this list is liable to change as new products come out)!

Everyone needs a shampoo and conditioner, right? Kenra’s Platinum Blow Dry Shampoo and Conditioner are life changing! Not only do they smell like an essential oil dream (the scent alone will convince you to try!), but they are built for ALL hair types, reducing blow-dry time, providing thermal defense and increasing shine.

Blow Dry ShampooBlow Dry Conditioner

Once I towel dry my hair, I never leave out Kenra’s Platinum Blow Dry Spray. Similar characteristics of the Blow Dry Shampoo and Conditioner, this lightweight formula detangles, smooths, and softens the hair while eliminating frizz and resisting humidity. (It is almost October, but I tell you, after the Panther’s game Sunday- my hair can definitely still use a product that is humidity resistant!) These three products are the perfect start to a flawless blowout.


After reviewing the lines and seeing the sheer depth of products available for our 7 daily ‘dos, there is no question Kenra is a great fit for The Daily Details. If you are familiar with the Kenra line, you might be wondering where the raved about Kenra 25 Volume Spray is on the list…that, my friends, deserves a post of its own! 

What is your favorite product in the line? Have questions about any items that you’d like us to answer? As your resident hair-guru, I can’t wait to answer!

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  1. Jo Luke's

    I had a small container of Kenya volume spritz 25 liked it very much.
    I am looking for something that makes your hair shine.
    Any ideas?

    1. Kiri Longa

      Hi Jo! You should check out Kenra’s Silkening Gloss. It helps with flyaways and gives a ton of shine without much weight!

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