Wedding Hair 101 – {choosing your style}


Hi! I’m Kristen, one of the blowout experts at TDD and newest guest blogger! As a recently engaged bride-to-be, I fully understand the pressures and stress that come with planning a wedding. From cakes to entertainment, decor to photography, there is A LOT of planning to be done. Of course every bride is eager to chose their gown but often they forget to chose a complimenting hairstyle. I can totally relate, even as a hairstylist who has styled many brides, it has been hard for me to choose exactly what style I want to rock on my big day.

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry! I’ve broken down some deciding factors that I used in choosing my hairstyle for my upcoming Fall wedding and hopefully this helps other future brides to make the best decision based on their personal styles and desired look as they say “I do.”

There are three main questions to ask yourself whilst choosing the hairstyle that you will wear on one of the most special days of your life:

“Do I want my hair up and out of the way?”

“Do I want it down and bouncing in all of it’s glory?”

“Do I want to show off my long locks and keep it out of my face?”


There are a couple of factors to consider when deciding between up, down, or half up – half down. The cut of your gown (i.e. strapless, laced top, embroidered back, etc.), and your personal style are equally important to consider when making this decision.

Gown Style

If you chose your gown because of the enchantingly beautiful beadwork along the back and shoulders, you will want to make sure your hairstyle doesn’t interrupt the view of so you will want to chose a style which will keep your hair off your back. In this case, you may choose an all up do or a side-swept pony. If your dress is strapless and you plan on wearing a simple necklace, or none at all, I would consider having some or all of my hair down to frame the face, if you prefer a bolder accessory for your neck, get that hair up and show off the bling.

Personal Style

Consider your everyday style. How do you feel most confident and beautiful, this is the starting point for all of my brides. Ask yourself, “Do I prefer a side part, center, or no part. Do I want my style to appear sleek from the front, or do I want volume all over?” Do I want my hair to have a classic feel, or perhaps you prefer a retro style with bold curls around the face, pin curls, or even a finger wave.

Hairstyle Inspiration

A popular choice, especially here in South is a boho chic style that incorporates many braids or twists.

Boho Chic

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Obviously, classic is always a popular choice! Classic styles like the a sleek Chignon, a Ballerina Bun, or a French Twist will never go out of style and you can be confident that the photos form your big day will remain timeless.

French Twist

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A Retro style is most often used for a themed wedding or as an accent on a classic style, I personally love the classic Chignon with pin curl accents and it is great for layered hair that may not all reach the low bun. Boho chic is my personal favorite because it leaves a lot of room to play and can look flawless and effortless all in one. What is a huge trend right now are classic styles with a hint of boho. For example, adding extra volume and a few braids around the face is a great way to take the classic Chignon and make it your own as Jennifer Garner did at the Golden Globes this year. No matter your personal style, once you have decided these two factors you can streamline your search for the perfect hairstyle.



Now that you have your gown and personal style preference the options are endless…..almost too endless! Don’t fret, next week I will break down all the pros and cons of  half-up/down, down, and completely up! Want to talk wedding hair styles more in-depth? Come sit in my chair for a blowout!


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