Spring Pastels {OPI Polishes}

Hello! Erika here, and I just wanted to keep you updated on the new colors we have at the Daily Details! So spring has sprung in Charlotte, and we have a new trend that will keep you fashion forward and ready for the sunshine and perfect weather. It’s all about pastels! We all know that many trends come and go, but these colors have been around and definitely will always be there to match any personality.

TDD - Erika

Pastels are a great color option for all of our customers! Not only will it bring a great pop of color to your wardrobe, but these colors are also subdued enough so they are perfect for any occupation, office party, and especially that special date at the end of the work day. Currently, we feature more than 10 pastels that come in brights, but we also have some pastels that come in neutrals, and nudes!


Even though these colors are a new addition for us, we are already starting to see a few front runners in the lead for customer favorites! The cool blues of “I Am What I Amethyst” and “It’s a Boy” are picked very often by customers daily. We also see many choosing to wear the muted grey tones behind “I Cannoli Wear OPI” to match just about any outfit.

Pastel OPI

One of the neat things about pastels is that because they are so soft and muted, you can easily pull of mixing colors and even adding a party nail to make your Standard Manicure, or even Top Notch Pedicure pop. Feel free to even experiment with some of our glitter options that can be found in both OPI and Gelish.

Matte Topcoat

But we at the Daily Details also have another little secret weapon that you may have never heard of for your manicures. We have a matte top coat! If you aren’t sure about what this is, it basically allows your color to be sealed in just like a regular top coat, but it takes away the shine leaving you with a ridiculously unique manicure or pedicure. This would be great if you feel pastels are still too much color for you or your workplace. What they do is soften the colors even more to give you a cool, muted look, that’s understated but pleasing none the less.


So there you have it! Step out into the sun with a great manicure thats fashion forward, trendy, and professional. All you need are your favorite manicurists here at The Daily Details, and of course, pastels! We can’t wait to see you! These first few months have been amazing, and we look forward to giving you great manicures and pedicures with these fun colors.

See you soon, and enjoy the spring.

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