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  • Eyebrow $18

    A complete eyebrow wax that includes a consultation, wax, tweeze, trim, skincare and makeup touch-ups.

  • Chin $11

    A quick wax of those pesky whiskers between neck and chin that you never can find yourself!

  • Full Face $35

    Say bye-bye to all that peach fuzz. This treatment includes your forehead, cheeks, chin, lip, nose and sideburns.

  • Lip $10

    No more self-consciousness about all those minuscule hairs above your lip. Our treatment includes waxing and light tweezing of those tiny hairs.

  • Cheek $10

    Much like the face treatment, this removes all the peach fuzz from below your eye to your jawbone.

  • Tweeze $20

    Don’t want to mess with wax? We can get your eyebrows in tip-top shape sans wax with a consultation, tweeze, trim, skin-care and makeup touch-up.

  • Brow Tinting $20

    Lasting between 2-4 weeks, brow tint eliminates the time spent using a pencil, powder, wax, or gel to create a color that stays in place. Tint is applied to the brow hair, taking just a few minutes to process.  We offer several shades of tint, allowing us to customize a shade based upon you and your lifestyle!

  • Lip & Chin $18

    Lip & Brow $25

    Brow Wax & Tinting $35