the 7 daily ‘dos {blowout styles}

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The Connoisseur 
{high bun}

The Connoisseur needs a put-together look for her on-the-go lifestyle. She knows the power of a high bun that is both classy and fun. Perfect for the boardroom by day and gala by night!

The 9-5
{natural blowout}

The 9-5 is the envy of every workplace. She seamlessly walks in Monday (or any workday) with an incredibly shiny blowout. Perfect for everyday great looking hair that no one is sure whether it was achieved at a salon or on their own!

The Maverick
{fishtail braid}

The Maverick has never played by the rules and why should she? She is the perfect mix, seeming both mysterious and outgoing that makes everyone want to be friends with her. Perfect for a low maintenance, yet styled look to meet up for a coffee date or out with girlfriends for a drink!

The Showstopper
{big volume}

The Showstopper doesn’t even bat an eyelash when every head in the room turns to look at her. She ‘s not afraid of a bold look, whether it’s red lips, a crop top or killer heels. This look is perfect for a Friday night date or weekday pick-me-up to remind you that you’ve still got it!

The Closer
{sleek & smooth}

The Closer means business and never leaves a deal on the table. Her colleagues are simultaneously scared and in awe of her, as she is the total package. This is the perfect look for a girl who is asking for a raise (equipped with a checklist of 50 reasons why) or landing the biggest account for her firm…all in a day’s work!

The Gypsy
{beach waves}

The Gypsy is the ultimate cool girl. She never worries that every strand of hair is perfectly in place or what she’s going to say in her next meeting. This look is perfect for a weekend trip with your girlfriends or in 100-degree heat!

The Carefree
{tousled ponytail}

The Carefree is the girl next door. Bubbly, friendly, and the apple of many eyes, she has the tousled ponytail that every girl tries in vain to create. This is perfect for catching a Panther’s game or a Sunday picnic in the park!

**Extensions Policy: While we are happy to service clients with extensions, TDD is not responsible for extensions that come loose or are damaged during the wash, blowout or styling. We realize that extensions are delicate and expensive. We will attempt to be as careful as possible. However, TDD does not assume liability for any damage to extensions as a result of a hair service. Extensions must be provided by the client.

Need to book an appointment before or after our normal business hours?  Contact with your request, and we will do our best to try to accommodate you! Please Note: An additional before/after hours fee of $40/service will be added at checkout.

All illustrations drawn by the talented ShauminChanel