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Braids are $25 a la carte or $15 after a blowout.

The Jessica Brown Summer Braid

The Jessica Brown
{french braid into a ponytail}

The Jessica Brown (named after one of our favorite clients!) is a little bit Barbie and a little bit sporty. A french braid keeps your hair out of your face and the perfect high ponytail gives this look a dramatic finish.

The Crown Summer Braid

The Princess 
{crown braid}

Coachella isn’t in Charlotte but your hair can still look concert ready. The Princess is ideal for hot weather because it keeps you hair off your neck while still looking chic.

The Duchess Summer Braid

The Babe
{side braid with curls}

Can you say brunch, anyone? A quick side braid elevates your look for a morning out with the girls or for a warm-weather date night.

The Fairytale
{fishtail braid}

The Fairytale is what #hairgoals are made of! Perfect for a low maintenance, yet styled look to meet up for a coffee date or out with girlfriends for a drink!

The Boxer Summer Braid

The Boxer
{two dutch braids}

Boxer braids are edgy, sporty and oh-so trendy right now. These braids can handle pool parties, camping trips and workouts with no problem.