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  • Polish Change Manicure $15/$25

    This is the perfect choice for those who get their nails done every 2 weeks and don’t need cuticle trimming every time.

  • Standard Manicure $25/$35

    This manicure includes shaping, buffing, cuticle cutting, base coat, color and top coat, hand massage and sugar scrub!

  • Top-Notch Manicure $35/$45

    Think “luxury” with this premium level service. Included is all of the grooming from the Standard Manicure, plus sugar scrub, painted on cooling mask and hand massage!

  • Men’s “MAN”-icure $20

    This nail service is geared towards our Gentlemen clientele. Get those tired digits, buffed, trimmed and filed into shape! Includes a relaxing hand massage!

  • Polish Change Pedicure $15/$30

    This is your basic polish change pedicure. No sole scrubbing included. Receive shaping, buffing of toenails and polish color change.

  • Standard Pedicure $35/$50

    This service includes a soak, nail shaping and buffing, cuticle cutting, sole buffing, skin scrub and of course a relaxing lower leg/foot massage and polish!

  • Men’s Pedicure $30

    This nail service is geared towards our Gentlemen clientele. Come get those tired toes, buffed, trimmed and filed into shape. Plus a relaxing foot massage to make your feet feel like a million bucks!

  • Top-Notch Pedicure $45/$60

    Included in this luxury level of service is all of the grooming from the Standard Pedicure plus a painted on cooling skin mask applied to the ankles & feet.

  • Jelly Foot Soak $15

    Try the newest trend out in pedicures! Jelly foot soaks are extra relaxing and moisturizing while enhancing the foot sensations. Do this as a standalone service or add it on to any pedicure for $10.

  • Gel Removal $5/$10*

    Need your gel removed in a hurry before you chip off all of your polish? Look no further! *Add-on to other nails service ($5) or stand-alone service ($10)

  • French Finish $10

    Add this classic finish to any mani or pedi for a perfectly “polished” look that goes with any outfit! Note: not available in Dip Powder.

  • Chrome Finish $6/$12

    Add an amped up finish to 2 or all 10 of your nails! Note: not available in Dip Powder.

  • *NEW* Dip Powder Manicures

    We are very excited to offer this new alternative to natural nail enhancements. New to Dip?  We break down all the details of what Dip Powder is here!

  • Dip Color Change $45

  • Standard Manicure (Dip Powder) $55

  • Top-Notch Manicure (Dip Powder) $65