Products Of The Month {October}

Happy Fall Ya’ll!  

It’s officially October, and this month we have two great products featured as “Products Of The Month” at TDD.

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the sake of saving your style, the unique Stylesaver Cap will be spotlighted and offered at 10% Off!  In addition we have the spotlight on Kenra’s Texture Powder, a staff fave at The Daily Details.  Here’s the 411 on both products.

Style Saver Cap
Photo Credit: Style Saver, L.T. Brady

Photo Credit: Style Saver, L.T. Brady

The Stylesaver cap is the world’s greatest shower cap!  The unique style allows for full coverage while you’re singing in the shower, so you can come out with that amazing hair you went in with!  If you’ve got a full head of thick or curly hair, you know finding a shower cap that really works is a true struggle, this products for you!

 This one of a kind cap was create by L.T. Brady, a North Carolina local, and the cap is manufactured right here in the U.S. of A!! In fact, many of the textiles used are produced right in our own backyard too!  We are proud to be among an exclusive group of salons to offer the Style Saver.

 The company’s tagline: “Never blow a blowout again with Style Saver.” says it all.  This shower cap uses a flexible neoprene-trim to protect your hairline from water without creasing or leaking!  Double Deal… it’s fabulous to sleep in too if you’re an active sleeper.  The fun polka-dot pattern is over a background of baby-pink, inspiring us to feature this exclusive product for October in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

 Come in,try it on, and save 10% if the fit is right.. all month long!

Kenra’s Texture Powder

Kenra Texture Powder

This product didn’t earn it’s standing as a ‘TDD Staff Fave’ for nothing… Kenra’s Texture Powder is such a versatile product.  Texture Powder comes in a small container, but makes a big difference.

Whether your hair is baby fine or super thick, texture powder is a fantastic root boost.  You can work it through your roots before teasing for an extra hold, or you can pull your hair up as you’re applying and get that extra bit of volume you need.  Added grip is an awesome benefit of Texture Powder too. If you find yourself dropping hair as you attempt to braid or get that perfect pony,  a little texture powder on the fingertips will do the trick!  Finally, because texture powders formula feature absorbent agents it is makes for a great dry shampoo.  Texture powder will absorb oils in your hair and add volume, now that’s what a we call a great product.

Let’s Recap, this small but mighty product from the Kenra Platinum Line can be used for:

  • RootBoost
  • Teasing
  • Grip
  • Oil Absorption

Now you know what we mean by small but mighty…

Kenra Texture Powder

Pop in the beauty bar this month and check it out.. we’re here to answer any questions you may have and show you all the ways to get the most our of this amazing product!



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