Life of a TDD Intern {Tess Perry}

Seeing as my family and I have lived in five different cities within sixteen years, being the new girl is a persona I am quite used to. However, I was not used to being the new teenager among a group of confident, skilled, young adults. So, walking in for my first day as an intern at The Daily Details, I told myself to be professional, friendly, but mostly to stop nervously sweating. Armed with chocolates my mother had given me for the staff and a lot of false bravado, I yanked one of the front glass doors open.

When I walked in, my first thought was “Well, if I am going to be a clumsy intern, at least I get to be one somewhere pretty.” The interior design of the shop immediately struck me not only for its visual appeal, but also because it seemed to create a calm, luxurious atmosphere.

My nerves began to wash away as founders and managers, Kiri and Nicole, showed me around and introduced me to the technicians. My first few days out of the 10 that I interned, I primarily worked on taking stock of beauty bar products saved for guests and beauty products for sale. Nicole explained to me that this has to be done every few months, so that they know what products they are running low on, and subsequently know when to place an  order from their retailer.

Upon finishing these tasks, I moved on to pricing items and organizing products behind the beauty bar. Now, despite how glamorous these tasks may sound, they were actually the least exciting of my duties.

I think after Kiri and Nicole realized I wasn’t too klutzy, they trusted me with accompanying them to a few of their business meetings. I tagged along with Nicole for an annual meeting with the TDD accountant, with Kiri to the shop’s private banker, and accompanied them to a breakfast with their media consultant. With every meeting, I was taken aback by how complex each realm of the business is; the breakfast with the media consultant striking me the most.

Media plays a huge role in attracting new guests to businesses, so I guess I should have realized how much work goes into a business’s Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter, etc. By profiling your account as a business in any of these media platforms one can see how many followers were lost or gained from a post, charts displaying the rate of follower growth, and more. The TDD media consultant tracks all of this and plans out Instagram posts months in advance, while making sure that the photos work within the same color palette, in order to  create a page that is cohesive and visually attractive to a prospective client.

I learned so much about the logistics of starting and running a successful business from these meetings, which was very valuable to my internship. However, my favorite part of the experience – by far – was getting to the know the technicians. My preconceived notion of them being confident, skilled, young adults was totally correct. Each member of the TDD family is incredibly good at what they do, trust me; I enjoyed many-a-manicure and blow out while there. And with every nail or hair session Kiri and Nicole were kind enough to let me partake in, I got to the know the ladies better. From many conversations about beautician school, and the different paths to the TDD family, I found that every member of the staff loves their job very much. It was inspiring to hear that work is not just a means to pay the bills, but truly can be something one enjoys.

Interning at TDD was an incredible experience. I learned a lot about the logistics behind starting and running a business, how to attract clients using social media, and that you can truly love what you do.

~Tess Perry, TDD Summer Intern 2017

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