July {Products Of The Month} Fresh & Smooth

July started off with a BANG, as it should!  To celebrate this particularly HOT month we are Spotlighting 2 products that will help you to keep your hair fresher longer, and also combat that pesty frizz that seems to come hand-in-hand with July’s humidity. As a reminder, whenever we offer a Spotlight product, you can stop into the salon at anytime to touch, feel, smell, or try-out these awesome products!  An added bonus to our Spotlight Products is that they are offered for sale with a 10% discount.. the entire month!

First Spotlight Introduction is a fan favorite, Moroccan Oil’s famous Dry-Shampoo.  This aerosol dry-shampoo uses rice starches to absorb oily residue on your scalp.  We often gain oil residue as the result of a morning workout, possibly some product build-up from that awesome do’ you rocked at the previous nights dinner party… on the other hand in July it could be the result of sweat just from running down the street to grab lunch before the rush.


Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo Benefits:

  • Absorbs Oils (and Odor) from Hair and Scalp
  • Infused with Argan oil this formula breaks down instantly, leaving no residue on the hair
  • Available in both light and dark tones
  • Added bonus.. it serves as a UV protectant, so no sun ray damage this July

Second Spotlight this month goes to our favorite frizz-fighter, from Kenra’s award-winning Platinum Line, Smoothing CremeThis product is lightweight, applied as a creme with your finger tips. Smoothing Creme can serve many purposes, use it as a prep product and style it into your hair for a smooth blowout… Or use it as a finishing product to smooth away fly-aways and shield your hair from the elements.

kenra smoothing creme

Kenra’s Smoothing Creme Benefits:

  • Provides a shield as a thermal protectant and anti-frizz serum
  • Enhances the hairs natural shine without appearing oily
  • Super light-weight formula, leaves little to no build-up after use
  • Allows for movement in the hair when used to polish your style

Both these products are fan-favorites, and with the added discount this month they are flying off the shelves!  So stop in when you’re grabbing your coffee one afternoon and try them out at our tester table, we always have stylists on staff to answer all questions you may have.

Keep your hair Fresh & Smooth this July!

Yours In Style,



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