it hasn’t been easy {construction update}

Well there is no way I can put this post off any longer…I am finally ready to share the long awaited construction update. I was on the phone with my mom the other day and as one of our 5 loyal readers of the blog she said “you know, I love reading about all the products and services at The Daily Details but there hasn’t been a single picture of the space since you signed the lease!”

If you have been reading since we launched the blog this Fall then you are probably thinking the same thing. We have shared about many of the back-end decisions, hiring, products, services, training but there has been one big missing void. Construction.

When we started the blog, I honestly thought it would be a great way to show our progress every week with our friends and family on the construction of the space. I imagined something like this:

Week 1: Framing is up

Week 2: Pipes in, electrical hooked up

Week 3: We have lights!!

Week 4: Walls, floors, paint colors

And so on.

Each week would have a notable update with something big getting accomplished and pictures to accompany how much we were getting done in the space. It was all so exciting!

Do you see how I have been writing everything is past tense? Do I sound jaded? The truth is construction of the space has been the most frustrating, humbling, maddening experience I have faced.

Every pregnant woman's nightmare...being compared to Mrs.Doubtfire

Every pregnant woman’s nightmare…being compared to Mrs.Doubtfire

I equate our construction experience to Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy. Like Kim, when we finally signed a lease (and she got pregnant) we wanted to scream from the rooftops that TDD was GOING TO HAPPEN! COMING SOON! HOORAY! It was such a relief after a long lease negotiation and like I said before, had all intentions of sharing frequent updates on the space. Now I imagine, Kim, finally pregnant, planned to make her normal paparazzi photoshoots so that the world and USWeekly could update every single person on her growing bump and every cute outfit she was wearing. But then reality sets in, for her it was 9 months of carrying a baby and for us it was supposed to be 9 weeks of construction. (So in the grand scheme of things, building The Daily Deetz doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.)

SO Dramatic!

SO Dramatic!

Unfortunately, Kim realized early on that she was not going to be that cute pregnant woman she always imagined and being older meant she faced complications in an already complicated pregnancy. I can relate. This being our first construction experience of any kind, we knew very little except that we wanted to be open by the holidays and our address was 550 S. Tryon St. Suite 110, you can say we, too, were a little naive. We faced a complication essentially every week since starting construction. So we did what Kim K did.

We hid.

One of the last photos seen of Kim during her pregnancy...

One of the last photos seen of Kim during her pregnancy…

As like in pregnancy, Nicole and I felt somewhat helpless in the process of construction, it was hard to know who to trust, when to push, and when to take matters into your own hands. There was an incredibly steep learning curve but now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we both feel a lot smarter about it all.

The biggest correlation of our experience to pregnancy was that for many, many, many weeks it seemed as we were making tiny steps and nothing was happening and then all of a sudden, everything is coming together all at once. Infrastructure takes a long time.…just like growing a baby takes a long time. Layer this on top of the fact that we hired 20+ employees that need and rely on this job and you can see a glimmer of the stress we carried over the past few months. Each decision and setback was not just on us but every single person who was now apart of TDD. Can you blame us for hiding?

Thanks Kim K for allowing us to follow every moment of your life and therefore finding a connection with our very different circumstances yet somehow related. 

But now we are in the home stretch and although seems crazy that the pictures I am sharing below will be finished in a few short weeks, it is finally here! By the end of the week we will have walls, air, electricity, and lights going in. The following week, floors, painting, the big bar and pedicure benches placed in and mirrors going up. Basically all the exciting stuff happens at the very end and has to fall in a very specific order in order to install it so the next piece can go into place.  There are many subsequent posts we hope to make about things we learned during construction, hiccups, contractors, building requirements, inspections etc. but will be much easier to write when the end of the story says “in the end it was hard, but now we’re OPEN so come see for yourself why it was all worth the wait!”

TDD Construction TDD Construction 2 TDD Construction3 TDD Construction 4 TDD Construction 5 TDD Construction 6

Now I know, you’re probably thinking uh Kiri this looks a LONG way from being finished. It does because everything behind the walls has to be wired, connected, tested and inspected before any drywall can go up and now that we have completed that for plumbing, electricity, HVAC, we can finally get walls. Drywall starts the domino of many things behind the scenes that can go in immediately after and items that have been waiting quietly in workshops and storage for all of this to commence. (Don’t I sound so well versed in construction…I just took a 3 month crash course).

In a few short weeks, the above photos will look like this:


It will be worth the wait.



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    Love the Kim K comparison! It’s going to look amazing and will definitely be worth the wait. So excited!

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