hey, hey! remember us? {we’re back}

Hey there…long time no see! This little corner of the internet has some major cobwebs growing as TDD has grown from an idea, to the construction phase, to the delayed are-we-ever-going-to-open phase, to OMG we’re open phase, to a functioning & ever-changing business phase.

I have loved every minute of it.

Do you remember when TDD looked like this?

Do you remember when TDD looked like this?

Ok- maybe not the never-ending construction phase, but it’s funny how a little time can make you forget the bad stuff, right?

Now that we have a good cadence at the shop, we are focusing on bringing the blog back and gearing up to a big holiday season. You might start to notice a new name around this neck of the woods and that’s Kristen!

The Daily Details Blowout Expert - Kristen

Kristen is not only a talented hairdresser & blowout queen (the bigger the hair, the better is her motto) but also stepped up to the plate to take on the manager role at TDD on the weekends & help us get the blog going again. You’ll still hear from the usual suspects from time to time; myself, Nicole, Ashley and other TDDdreamteam members but Kristen will be the webmasta for the foreseeable future.


In terms of schedule, you can check back here 2-3 times a week for blog posts including a Friday blog post that covers all the fun things that happened at TDD that week and a plethora of other topics to keep you in the beauty know.  Maybe even a few giveaways for the holiday season!

Do you follow us on Instagram? That is our go-to platform for little snippets of things going on right then and there at the salon and that too will be more active starting now.

See you soon!


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