hats off to you {winter hats}

Hats might be TDD’s favorite accessory this winter! What I have found is that people either love hats or have no idea where to begin and how to wear them. The key to pulling off a hat? It’s all about attitude and reminding yourself that you look KILLER with it on. The more you start to wear hats, the more natural they begin to feel. I rounded up Ashley, Nicole and My to model our favorite hat styles and scarves to show you that anyone can pull off a hat. Ashley is going to take it away and share with you what products and hairstyles pair perfectly with any hat!

Colorful BohoThe Gypsy
{beach waves}

This is a classic. You can’t go wrong with this one if you are trying the hat trend for the first time! Paired with Kenra’s Texturizing Mist and Texturizing Taffy- this is a great everyday (which this day was rainy!), very easily worn look!

Classic BucketThe 9-5
{natural blowout}

Another hit! Paired with Kenra’s Perfect Blowout Crème and Design Hairspray- this is a wonderful way to make a traditional look more modern!

FedoraThe Closer {sleek & smooth}

The great thing about the Fedora is it is a staple! Short hair, long bob, or extensions- why not try a Maverick {fishtail braid} with the help of Kenra’s Smoothing Crème and finish with Silkening Mist to show off the utmost shine!

Kiri VagabondThe Showstopper
{big volume}

This hat is so fun! Why not up the anti with The Showstopper? Showing off those curls with this hat will come with ease! Kenra’s Thickening Spray followed by Volume Spray will do the trick!

Thick HeadbandThe Carefree
{tousled ponytail}

Talk about easy! Great for running errands or a ballgame.. nothing that a little dab of Kenra’s Dry Texture Spray and Curl Defining Crème can’t handle!

Ashley has broke down 5 hat/hair combos that seamlessly match one of TDD’s 7 daily ‘dos with some of our favorite hats. These combos are especially good for day 2 or day 3 of your blowout to make it last an extra day. Need more inspiration? Check out 5 more easy looks you can throw on no matter the hair underneath!

Kiri Cloche

Ashley Headband

My Bow

Nicole Panama

Panthers Baseball

Ashley’s pick for this Sunday? Her beloved Panthers hat, of course! There is commonly a misconception that hats are expensive. They definitely can be but listed below are our favorite places to score hats at very reasonable prices. My number one store to snag whatever hat is trendy that season? Forever 21! Another pro-tip, be sure to measure the circumference of your head as some stores have different sizing for hats.

Forever 21 / ASOS / Nordstrom / Target

Remember, a hat is ALL about the attitude. There is hardly a day that goes by when wearing a hat that I don’t receive at least 1 compliment. It is one of our favorite accessories during these cold months!

Ashley & Kiri

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