friday festivities {10.23.15}

Nicole Polaroid

I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by! We had so many great events this week to learn and network. Catapulting into the weekend, Saturday Jay & I are hosting “Friends-giving” at our house.

This whole gathering stemmed from the fact that we are hosting Jay’s parents for Thanksgiving and neither of us has formally cooked a turkey before. Hence we thought we should do a test run so we wouldn’t end up serving the turkey from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to my in-laws.

Lampoon's Turkey

From there, we basically just invited everyone we could think of that would be a willing guinea-pig to try our turkey and also bring a side to compliment dinner. We figured this is the time of year where things start to get pretty busy on the weekends with kids back in school, endless college and pro football games to watch, and all of the fall activities that go on this type of year that we’d MAYBE have 10 people who could make it. Well, we must have hit everyone’s sweet spot with the timing and the idea because now we’re looking at hosting upwards of 20 people!

Coming to realize our headcount on Wednesday evening, Jay & I headed to Whole Foods to source the biggest turkey we could find, a beautiful 19-pounder! So now we’ve carefully planned our thawing process, decided on a brine mix, and even went so far as to order a digital thermometer with in-oven meat probe…..yeah, we may be going a bit overboard, but with 20 hungry people showing up at your house you have to take pre-cautious measures!


Despite all of the prep work, scrubbing down the house, cleaning up the yard, etc. we are actually SO excited to catch up with so many friends, many we haven’t seen since our wedding back in July. Aside from going out to the breweries, I think this is my next favorite type of gathering – getting together at someone’s house, contributing to a potluck and sitting out by a fire pit with crisp wine, frosty beer, and engaging conversations.


If Saturday isn’t enough fun (which I know it will be and more!), Sunday I’ve been invited to the Whiskey Women of Charlotte’s brunch at Little Spoon eatery with my dear friend Anne (who is also celebrating her birthday Sunday)!


Anne was my sophomore year college roommate, so we go WAY back. We lost touch after graduating, but after both ending up in Charlotte, we’ve reconnected like almost no time has passed at all. She recently gave birth to her first child, Costen, a son. With her actual birthday being Sunday and after being DD for the past 9 months she had no trouble politely asking her hubs, Justin, to be our chauffeur 😉

Lots of indulgence this weekend on good food, drink and friends. Hooray!

Ashley Polaroid

Friday’s here!

There’s something to be said about making it through another week- the early mornings where you have on a jacket to mid-day where you need to pull out your flip flops (!), the carpool lines, the homework, the packed lunches.. all your successes to be celebrated over the weekend!

This Saturday, I am excited to watch my daughter’s volleyball game(s) as her season is coming to an end. These girls have worked so hard and have really come together as a team- I am extremely proud of them! Once we finish the games, I am headed to the kitchen to recreate the green bean casserole that my stepmom passed along to me for Nicole’s “Friends-giving” later Saturday evening! I am ready to try this 19 pound turkey (cheat day!) for sure! Of course Sunday is dedicated to our usual, early morning service and football. Let’s talk about my beloved Panthers playing Sunday night –HERE against the Eagles! Come on boys, let’s make it 6-0! You know that you have The Daily Details supporting you (and seriously, if y’all are in need of a blowout/mani/pedi/wax- we will take care of that too!) 😉

By the way, have you heard this broadcast from last week? Nicole, Kiri & I listened to it earlier this week and it is just so great and perfectly depicts the excitment of last week’s game. I can’t wait to hear another version on Monday after another W!!!!!

P.S.- Nicole.. We have to indulge Saturday and back to running training MONDAY!

Kiri Polaroid

I feel like I blinked and it was Friday. The days somewhat all bleed together now and Nicole and Ashley cant attest that were pretty much working on things for The Deetz 24/7. With that being said, we some fun things to look forward to this weekend to recharge and get in the fall spirit!

This weekend is my 5 year college reunion back in Nashville and looking through my newsfeed this morning, I definitely felt a twinge of sadness that I’m not there! Some of my favorite memories of college were on fall Saturday afternoons in cocktail dresses and cowboy boots dancing with my girlfriends. Although I am sad to not make it back to Nash, my friends and I made the executive decision not to partake since we are traveling far a wide for the wedding of one of our own next weekend! I am SO looking forward to it!



Instead, this weekend will be relaxing and eating delicious food at Friends-giving! Nicole and Jay are great hosts and it is always fun to hang out and catch up with their friends. Sunday means only one thing when you’re dating my boyfriend. Football. All of our friends try to plan one big tailgate  once a year and this happens to be the game (perfect with our winning streak). Festivities begin at 2PM. Yes. 6.5 hours before the actual game. We mayyyyy be pretending that we’re back in college but its only once a year, right?

Every week that passes by means one week closer to the opening of TDD. So much to do!!!


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