New Nail Service {Dip Powder}

Dip Powder Manicures have officially landed at The Daily Details. We are SO excited to roll out this new alternative to natural nail enhancements!

New to Dip?  We break down all the details of what Dip Powder is, application process, pricing, etc., below:

Q: So, what is Dip Powder?

A: Dip powder is an acrylic overlay that provides stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails that won’t damage the nail bed.  Think of it as the level of staying power in-between gel polish and acrylic nails. Other popular terms for dip powder include “SNS” and “Slick Pour”.

Q: How is it applied?

A: Dip powder uses a unique technology that is different from the technology found in acrylic enhancement products. Although both systems have similar polymer powders, dip powder does not use a liquid monomer initiator found in acrylic systems. Instead, a liquid resin or base coat is used for adhesion. Unlike gel polish, it does not require LED or UV light to cure. Dip powder uses an Activator to accelerate the curing of the Base Coat and powders, and initiate the reaction with the Top Coat. This makes dip powder application ideal for protective overlays on natural nails.

Q: How long does this service take and what is your pricing?

Price Time
Dip Powder Removal $12 20 mins.
Basic Manicure (Dip Powder) $45 1 hr. 15 mins.
Dip Powder Removal + Basic Manicure (Dip Powder) $45 1 hr. 30 mins.
Standard Manicure (Dip Powder) $55 1 hr. 30 mins.
Dip Powder Removal + Standard Manicure (Dip Powder) $55 1 hr. 45 mins.
Top-Notch Manicure (Dip Powder) $65 1 hr. 45 mins.
Dip Powder Removal + Top-Notch Manicure (Dip Powder) $65 2 hrs.

Q: What else should I know before trying this service?

A: TDD is committed to preserving the integrity of our client’s natural nails, and therefore we do not use drills in any capacity for shaping or removal.  As such, please expect longer application and removal times to ensure healthy nails. Also note that Pedicures, French Finish and Chrome Nail Art are currently not available in dip powder.

Q: Awesome, I’d love to try it out! How do I book a dip powder manicure?

A: Online booking is now available for dip powder services.

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