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As an avid blog follower since 2006, I have watched some blogs evolve into empires over the past 10 years. The formula for success differs for each blogger but the one key ingredient I have found among all of them is authenticity.

It is easy to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and think that many of these people have charmed existences filled with vacations, eating at the cutest restaurants, and outfits that are never repeated. We have plenty of fun content here on the TDD blog which hopefully inspires you to wear hats, try new winter recipes and pickup our favorite drugstore makeup in the future. What we also envisioned for the blog was to also share the perspective of a couple of girls with a dream to open a small business in the city center.

So as a way to connect with you and hopefully share a bit more about ourselves, My, Ashley, Nicole and myself are disclosing 3 things you don’t know about us! Consider this a glimpse into our more authentic selves!

My Nail Manager


My tattoo

Love tattoos! They say once you get your first ink, you’ll probably come back for more! When I turned 21, I gave myself a treat to get my back inked up! It’s basically a poem about me. A poem to remind that what’s beautiful on the inside, will be on the outside. To love yourself always! I wanted this ink to be like a portrait and something  you could hang on the wall (or put on your back for a lifetime)!


I love to dance! Dance is a way to express yourself through a rhythm of the beat! It can be expressed together with your love ones and bring family together. It can express laughters within your friends! It can express to your praise the Lord! There’s so many different kinds of dancing that there’s a style for everyone!


My Crafts

I love doing crafts! Not only do I make Diapers Cakes for friends and family expecting a new bundle of joy but I decided to decorated my own center piece at my own wedding day! About 90 percent of the decor for my big day was from Hobby Lobby! By the way, did you know they have a 40 percent off coupon on their website that you can use pretty much anytime? Leading up to my wedding, I went there daily to take advantage of specials and promos. I was so proud of my work when it was time to decorate before I got ready to get married!

Kiri Co-Founder


My favorite genre of music is rap. In fact, throughout college, I was lucky enough to see almost every major rapper in college (Jay-Z, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, Birdman…even Coolio). I don’t disagree that rap can be obnoxious and obscene but I like the rawness and unique writing of lyrics. It is definitely an acquired taste but I’ve found if you listen closely, it is surprising how much it can relate to your own life. I love hearing new beats in the ever-evolving genre (especially blasting in my car while driving solo).


Willy Wonka Theme Party - We were the "golden tickets"

Willy Wonka Theme Party – We were the “golden tickets”

I love costume parties! I had a pretty epic run in college of costumes for endless amounts of theme parties. The more out there the theme, the better and I loved the challenge of coming up with unique costumes. My friend J was my constant dress-up companion and always inspired me to take it to the next level. While I don’t attend too many costume parties these days (I can’t remember the last time I did), I am so happy I have so many pictures to remember the good ole’ days and hopefully share with my kids one day to show them that their mom was pretty cool!


See how much smaller it is than the rest of my fingers? Small and dainty!

See how much smaller it is than the rest of my fingers? Small and dainty!

I have broken virtually every bone in my body. I was very clumsy growing up and was that girl always getting bruises from running into walls or tripping on a curb that was right in front of me. One of my more notable breaks was on my left hand which we think happened when I severely broke my right arm by falling off the monkey bars. Since my right arm was much more severe we never realized my left hand was also broken. How do I know I broke it? My left pinky stopped growing and is significantly smaller than my other hand. Evidently I broke it through the growth plate which stunted the growth. Although tiny, I like to think it adds to my refinement when drinking tea (by sticking out).

Ashley Manager



I’m obsessed with tacos- from the taco truck. As in, could eat them Every. Single. Day. All types too- especially lengua! Seriously, the fanciest of restaurants, I’d pass on, just to go to a taco truck. The more unique of a location- the better too!



Speaking of trucks- most people know that I have a thing for them (more specifically, if it’s black and it’s a Chevy).. But I really like cars. The dream ride would be a Range Rover- white with black rims. But cars in general, I can tell you just about every make and model out there. I like race cars also. And motorcycles. And drag strips. And anything that goes vroom.. Really, I do have a need for speed!



Ok, funny story I have to share- Kiri received a giraffe figurine a few weeks back in the mail. She didn’t order it- it just came and as she explained later, thinking “What am I going to do with a giraffe figurine?” Insert one of our weekdays as we were casually chatting- I mentioned that I watch giraffes. Yep. I watch them- in their habitat at the zoo. A girlfriend had shared the link with me and now, it’s a thing. I check in on them while I’m checking emails, Facebook- so needless to say, I now have the giraffe figurine. Ironic, because as much time as I’ve spent with Kiri and Nicole- they did not know about my soft spot for these animals. My house is covered in them, I have a tattoo of one, and I constantly research their lives. They are graceful animals that you never think of when animals receive negative light, their print is unique to themselves, and they are peaceful. A great representation of a creature that is a staple of our wildlife!

Nicole Co Founder


Labyrinth is my all-time favorite childhood movie. I’ve definitely felt nostalgic these past few days with news of David Bowie’s death. What an interesting character he played in the movie & that he actually was in real life. There is just something so mysterious, dark, and dare I say….”suggestive” about the relationships between various characters in the movie. I love that the tension in the plot is balanced out by the hilarity of the muppet-type creatures in the film. It all just seems so ridiculous, but I will always have a special place in my heart for this movie.



I didn’t learn to ride a bike (properly) until I was ~10/11 years old. I do not have the best sense of balance, so this was one of the more difficult & terrifying feats of my childhood I had to overcome. Thank goodness for the kindness & patience of our across the street neighbor, Mrs. Crain who launched me down the neighborhood hill telling me “just hang on, look forward, and keep pedaling”… What a great life lesson to learn & live by!

(Can you tell I love the muppets??)


I’m addicted to fruit. My mom calls me the “fruit queen” and always stocks the fridge with berries, apples, clementines and anything else that’s in season when I go back to Indiana to visit – Thanks Mom! My freshman year of college, the RA on our floor asked what candy we’d each like to help us get through our first-ever week of college finals. I replied to her that I didn’t want candy, I wanted some grapefruit instead…whomp, whomp! You can almost bet if there’s a fruit-based dessert on the menu, that’s what I’m going for (unless something with cinnamon or caramel is also on the list). I’ve also been known to eat an entire watermelon by myself in 2 days.


Hope these 3 little known facts about each of us were as fun for you to read as it was for us to share!


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