August {Products Of The Month} Clean & Hold

We are almost through this HOT summer, and I don’t know about you, but my hair is in need of some T.L.C.  Lucky for all of our T.D.D. beauties I’m writing to announce our Spotlight Products for August, and they happen to be the exact tools you need to greet the fall with healthy renewed hair! In the Spotlight for August we have Moroccanoil’s Clarifying Shampoo and alongside it from Kenra- their award winning Volume Hairspray.  As always, our Spotlight Products are offered at 10% off for the entire month, and samples are available in the salon to touch, smell, or try at your leisure!

Sale Price: $25.10

Sale Price: $25.10

The summer can be really rough on our hair.  Between the damage from sun exposure, dryness from sweat and salt water, and the brittleness we experience from chlorinated pool days, our hair is usually over it come fall! First step to curing your summer hair damage is washing out all the impurities brought on by our active summer lifestyles.  Moroccanoil’s Clarifying Shampoo is in my opinion, the best on the market.  It is also one of the few clarifying shampoos that will not dull your color.  Clarifying Shampoo is not for everyday use, but it is safe for all hair types.  I most recommend this shampoo in between seasons for monthly use, but for those who style their hair with several products regularly, it is safe to use once or twice a week.  It is an absolute MUST for frequent swimmers.

Sale Price:  Travel Size $7.65 10oz: $15.30 16oz: $21.60

Sale Price:
Travel Size $7.65
10oz: $15.30
16oz: $21.60

Who doesn’t enjoy a good hairspray? Again, that humidity seems to take a toll on our hair.. Have you tried Kenra’s Volume Spray? There’s no reason not to (it comes in a travel size!). Volume Spray is a real treat as it provides a 120 hour super hold and 24 hour high humidity resistance. The best part- it gives that extra something without your hair feeling heavy. I see this in your near future- especially for the heat wave we are experiencing!

… it is the season of change after all!


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