Adding TDD to your home screen + Booking your preferred Service Provider

Adding TDD to your iPhone’s Home Screen

1. Go to
2. Click the Book Now icon at the top
3. Click the Book Now button – it will take you to the booking site
4. At the bottom of the screen, click on the  icon
5. Click “Add to Home Screen”

6. You can edit the name of the icon here. Click Add
7. Go back to you Home Screen, and you will see an icon has been added directly to TDD!

Booking with your preferred Service Provider at TDD

1. Click on the TDD icon you just added to your home screen
2. Select the service you would like to book
Log into your account
3. Select the date you would like
4. You will see a drop-down menu under “STAFF:” – select the Service Provider you would like to see
Their availability will pop-up
5. Click “Select”, then “Complete Booking”.
A booking confirmation will appear 🙂

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