7 Ways to Improve Your Blog


I’ve always had a nagging feeling that I wanted to blog more.  I’m pretty good at following a program so I decided I would participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The goal was to complete 31 posts in the month of January.  I did it!  This is my 31st post.  Sometimes I posted more than once a day because I started the challenge late.  With the challenge of posting something everyday I found that I had all kinds of ideas I wanted to share.  I also found that I had all kinds of ideas about ways I wanted to improve my blog.

Create a better banner.  The blog banner is the first thing that people see when they visit.  I liked the photo I used in my banner before but alone it didn’t necessarily reflect what my blog is about.  And, I never figured out how to get it sized correctly so readers had to scroll down to get beyond the photo which is something that always bothered me.  

The Daily Details’ Old Look

Create a better tag line.  The old tag line of fitness, vegetarian cooking, sewing, papercrafting told what the blog was about but it wasn’t particularly catchy or comprehensive.  The new tag line, creating a rich life one post at a time, really conveys the message of the blog.  I am a blogging Army wife so “post” has a double meaning…blog post and Army post.  I wasn’t sure whether anyone would get the double meaning, but my non-tech savvy friend got it right away.  I think it’s a nice tag line even if people don’t get the double meaning.

Write catchy titles.  I used to write long titles that would describe the category of the post and perhaps the number in a series (i.e. Running-Marathon Training #53).  Who wants to read that?  It would be much better to write something like Last Training Run Before First Marathon.  Now I let the labels take care of my catagorization.

Simplify the labels.  I started out with over 13 categories of blog posts but when I really looked at them I found that I could narrow them down to 7.  These categories are really what my blog is about.  How convenient!  If I got organized I could write about one category each day.  They are:
  • Raise (Parenting)
  • Move (Fitness)
  • Create (Sewing, Papercrafting, etc.)
  • Tell (Feature.  Whatever I want to write about.)
  • Jaunt (Travel)
  • Taste (Cooking, Nutrition, Dining Out)
  • Inspire (Ideas that I put into practice.)
Post a profile photo that is consistent with the blog message.  As I was reading posts in the Ultimate Blog Challenge I found that some people’s photos were off-putting.  I didn’t want to read their post or consider them an authority because I didn’t like their photo.  I chose my new photo because I looked happy, it was creative, and the colors worked with the blog color scheme.

Decide on an audience and focus posts to them.  Mentally, I shifted audiences.  This blog started before Facebook so it was my main way of sharing updates about my daughter.  It had a very personal, journal-like quality to it.  I’d like to keep some of that because I think it makes me relatable, but I’d like to write my posts in such a way that others can read about my experiences and apply them to create their own rich lives.

Post Better Photos.  I don’t even care if some of The Pioneer Woman’s posts don’t apply to me.  I always enjoy looking at the amazing photography.  I’m learning how to edit photos and hope that I can post nice photos too. 

I hope you like the changes I made and will follow along in my attempt to create a rich life one post at a time.

Some of my changes were inspired by the Ultimate Blog Challenge and 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo.

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